737 Pine Street, Suite 62
San Francisco CA 94108

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JDA began in 1996 and provides architecture, interior design, and landscape design services for custom homes, apartment buildings, restaurants, retail, corporate headquarters, hotels, and schools.

James Dixon was Project Architect for the late Aaron Green, FAIA, who was the last professional link to Frank Lloyd Wright’s organic school of architecture.

Statement of Principles

James Dixon gives seminars on San Francisco and Bay Area architectural styles for conventions, professional groups, and neighborhood associations.

We support Black Lives Matter and the demilitarization / reformation / accountability of the police. We support and have marched repeatedly for equality and justice in the face of enormous resistance to societal change.

We are against any authoritarian presidency and the entrenched racism in police departments and the legal system. We are against tribalism, racism, fascism, and nationalism.

Architecture is an ethical act: Our goal is beneficial change where improving one person’s daily quality of life improves everyone’s daily quality of life.